Hi, I’m Jon, I live just north of Nottingham in a town called Hucknall with my ever tolerant wife, Jo, and my two boys, Oli and Ted. In my spare time (which appears to be rapidly dwindling since the boys arrived!) I like to take endless photos of my kids, argue with the TV and read very silly books. You can find me over on facebook

I’m very honoured to share wedding days with my couples – a wedding day is a big one off, and delivering a fantastic set of pictures is a real thrill. I spent the last day of my twenties photographing a wedding, and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

People tell me I’m easy going and easy to get on with, which I’m very flattered by, but I also think it’s important. Your photographer is the one person you’ll hire for your wedding that you’ll spend a lot of time with – it’s important that you get along with them and trust them.

Trust is a big issue when it comes to my wedding photography. You see, my style isn’t the ‘traditional’ way – asking people to say cheese for photos, interrupting every genuine moment for a grin at the camera or taking an almost choreographed set of pictures. My style is much more reactive, I document what is happening around me on the day. So trust – you trust me to do what I do and you’ll end up with pictures that show real moments, like these:

I don’t try and be invisible, that would be silly (I’ll be wearing a bum bag, for starters). You’ll know I’m there and because we’ve built up that trust, we’ll all be fine with it. I don’t skulk around the edges of a wedding with a big paparazzi lens, I get in to the action with your friends and family, I chat, I’ll tell terrible jokes, but most importantly I get great pictures. Pictures that result in this:

a facebook comment from a happy wedding customer
a selection of thank you cards from happy wedding clients
A good testimonial for a wedding photographer in Nottingham

If you like what you see on these pages, I’d be very honoured to photograph your wedding – please get in touch!