Holme Pierrepont Hall Wedding Photos – Kevin and Sue-May

Holme Pierrepont Hall Wedding Photos – Kevin and Sue-May

Most of the fun shooting weddings comes from the variety – no two days are ever the same and Kevin and Sue May’s wedding had variety in abundance. First of all, what Sue, Sue-May or May’s name was, as this appeared to be interchangeable depending on who you were talking to! Also the venues, well OK, only a hotel for the preparations, St. Barnabas Cathedral for the ceremony and Holme Pierrepont Hall for the reception. That’s three so not too unusual, but then there’s Sue’s (or May’s or Sue-May’s) dresses, I think the grand total was three, but it could have been four nope, it was four. So with all that variety, a fantastic wedding to photograph and Kevin and Sue-May are also some of the nicest people you could meet, with families who made a big commitment to get to Nottingham for the day.

Kevin and Sue-May had such a tight timetable for their wedding that they chose to use their pre-wedding portrait session for their portraits instead, hence why there’s none here

A bride gets ready for her wedding in central Nottingham

When I met with Kevin and Sue-May before the wedding I asked how many people Sue thought would be in her hotel room with her “Oh just my bridesmaid and my mum” she replied, by the end there were a few more…

Chinese wedding photos in Nottingham

If you’re wondering what the writing means it’s not just single luck but double luck, a slightly more positive spin on George Orwell there

A bride in the wedding car on the way to St Barnabas cathedral in Nottingham

I’m thinking of writing some posts on photographic technique, this one is achieved using a technique called ‘Hold the camera over your shoulder, upside down and pray that it focusses in the right spot’

Bridesmaids and guests at St. Barnabas Cathedral wedding

The bride enters St. Barnabas cathedral in Nottingham

Wedding photos at St. Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham

I think it’s safe to say that St. Barnabas is at the very least ‘quite impressive’

Wedding photos at St. Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham

Wedding photos at St. Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham

The pictures above are a lesson in a) the horror of dappled shade, enemy of all wedding photographers but also b) what happens if you give your guests too much confetti. Recently having had the happiest moment of their lives Kevin and Sue-May are pummelled with dried leaves for a good twenty-foot of ‘confetti archway’, by the end they are running, I thought they were going to end up in the car park

Wedding photos at St. Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham


Safely away from any confetti wielding guests, they get in the car for Holme Pierrepoint, and I take the opportunity for a quick self portraitA journey on a routemaster red bus to Holme Pierrepoint in Nottingham

Bridesmaids at a chinese wedding in Nottingham


The girlsUshers at a Holme Pierrepoint Hall Wedding


The boysChinese wedding tea ceremony at Home Pierrepoint Hall in Nottingham

Oriental wedding tea ceremony in Nottingham


My first ever tea ceremony, a great event with lots to captureGuest photos at an oriental wedding in Nottingham

the main hall at Home Pearpont Hall in Nottingham


A dancing reception entrance

No, the bridesmaids and usher’s aren’t practicing for their eurovision party, it is a slightly more elaborate way to be announced into the room than ‘Please be  upstanding for…’

Wedding Speeches at Holme Pierrepoint Hall in Nottingham

Speeches at a wedding at Holme Pierrepoint Hall

Best man's speech at a Home Pierrepoint Hall Wedding
Now, those last two pictures. The best man has not gone mad and started screaming at the top of his lungs. Well actually he has, but all for a good cause. It’s a ‘yum seng’ a kind of toast where everyone shouts ‘yum’ for as long as possible followed by a quick ‘seng’. They were so good at it that during the practice I went out to the car, downloaded my cards, listened to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and finished a rubiks cube, and by the time I’d got back in they were still shouting (okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it was a long time).

First dance at an oriental wedding in Nottingham

Dress number four and dancing on into the evening…
Chinese wedding photos at Holme Pierrepoint Hall

Congratulations Kevin and Sue-May! If you were a guest at this wedding you can see all the pictures here using Sue-May’s maiden name as a password. you can also see the facebook gallery here and are welcome to tag yourself in any of the pictures, but you need to become a fan of the page first (Facebook’s rules – not a drive for popularity – promise!)