Tom and Lucy – Wedding Photos at the Lord Leycester Hospital

Tom and Lucy – Wedding Photos at the Lord Leycester Hospital

Firstly, an apology, I am still up to time on my previews, but my long blog posts are slipping way behind – eagle eyed viewers may have noticed that Tom and Lucy’s Wedding was in early August, lets just say the busy season has well and truly hit.

So, Tom and Lucy, the Lord Leycester Hospital, an amazingly decorated marquee in Lucy’s parents home, llamas, rogue fire alarms and possibly the most restrictive registrars in the county. My heart goes out to anyone working in Warwickshire regularly, your registrars really dislike photographers.

Starting at Lucy’s home with Lucy, her family and two slightly excitable bridesmaids (complete with Lelli Kelly shoes – luckily I am now well versed in children’s footwear, thanks to living in the newly discovered land of young children), Lucy’s preparations were very laid back and relaxed, to the point where I had to suggest she might, actually, want to put her dress on at some point. So dress on, all prepared, we headed over to the Lord Leycester Hospital (not really a hospital!) where, given my strict orders by the registrars, not to disturb, interrupt or even think about clicking my shutter in more than one of three places (and only once at each of those three places) I have to admit I smiled a little when the fire alarm went off during the ceremony (don’t worry, had Tom and Lucy not laughed at this as well, I wouldn’t be telling you about it).

Ceremony complete, we emerged out in to pouring rain which had the decency to clear up after only a short interval (good luck on your wedding day, apparently), we paused for drinks and some portraits, then headed back to the marquee, where a button theme (with customisable name badges) with some amazing finishing touches to the marquee, speeches, dancing and some llamas completed the evenings entertainment!

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