Sophie and Chris – Prestwold Hall – Preview

Sophie and Chris – Prestwold Hall – Preview

There’s a lot of talk on the wedding blogs at the moment about doing things ‘your way’ (‘your big day, your way’ – see it rhymes), well Sophie and Chris certainly did that, as well as planning a wedding they also made pretty much all of what made up the tables in the wedding reception and made a really big choice about how they wanted the day to end. When I met them a year or so ago, they told me “We’re not into dancing, so it’s going to finish after the speeches, at about half nine” – a little unusual maybe, but not altogether that dramatic “Oh, and we’re thinking of having a helicopter – which no one will know about until the day” – now that, is what you call an exit.

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Congratulations Sophie and Chris!

A brides grandma looks on as she get's ready for her wedding day

The bride and groom walk on their wedding day

The wedding couple pose for a photo on their wedding day

The best man's wedding speech at Prestwold Hall

A helicopter on a wedding day